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Watch The Hundred-Foot Journey Movie Online Full Streaming HD Quality

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The Hundred-Foot Journey
iMDB Rating: 7.5
Date Released : 8 August 2014
Genre : Drama
Stars : Helen Mirren, Om Puri, Manish Dayal, Charlotte Le Bon

The Hundred-Foot Journey Summary : The family of talented cook, Hassan Kadam, has a life filled with both culinary delights and profound loss. Drifting through Europe after fleeing political violence in India that killed the family restaurant business and their mother, the Kadams arrive in France. Once there, a chance auto accident and the kindness of a young woman, Marguerite, in the village of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val inspires Papa Kadam to set up a Indian restaurant there. Unfortunately, this puts the Kadams in direct competition with the snobbish Madame Mallory’s acclaimed haute cuisine establishment across the street where Marguerite also works as a sous-chef. The resulting rivalry eventually escalates in personal intensity until it goes too far. In response, there is a bridging of sides initiated by Hassan, Marguerite and Madame Mallory herself, both professional and personal, that encourages an understanding that will change both sides forever.
Review : Hundred-foot journey is one to see

If you love food than this movie is one for you to watch. It is a fun movie for the whole family to enjoy. It is a movie that is fun for kids. If you like to go to the movies than go see this movie. It is not grown up at all so if you parents are thinking it maybe to grown up for your kids it is not grown up at all just sad. I was hungry the whole way through this movie because you know it was about food so of coarse it would make some people hungry. It was my favorite movie of the year so far. It was hard to watch at some points. If you love the food network then go see this movie now. For family friendly i give it a 4 and a half out of 5 stars. The movie is a heartwarming movie that makes you say can we please go see it again it was that good. I hope this review helped you and your family and i hope you go see this movie.

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